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Description: Raw linseed oil, arriving in a condition as though mixed with water, and having an emulsified appearance resembling Carron Oil, is due to the oil, after manufacturing process, not having been permitted to stand long enough prior to being decanted into drums for shipping. A considerable quantity of solid vegetable matter in suspension may be present, but on being allowed to settle for a period of about two months, the solid matter will fall to the bottom bf the oil, which can then be run off. Solids in suspension frequently amount to 15% to 20% of the contents of the drum. The oil thickens on exposure to the air, darkening and acquiring a pronounced taste. Linseed oil is of vegetable origin and is obtained from crushed flax seeds. It is a high-quality gold-yellow edible oil, which is slightly yellowish when bleached.
Index: 438
Commodity Name: LINSEED OIL

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