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Description: MOLD GROWTH ON LEATHER - Leatherware may develop a formation of mildew if packed in a place where there is humidity. Mold growth on leather and leather goods is favored by dampness and moderate warmth. It will occur on leather stored only slightly damp in a confined space, or stored under conditions of high humidity. The mold may or may not be visible as a surface growth. Growth occurs on the water solubles and grease in the leather and so is dependent on the type of leather and nature of the tannage, vegetable-tanned leather being in general much more susceptible than chrome-tanned. The physical properties of leather (strength, hardness) are usually little affected unless mold growth is heavy and prolonged. Often such growth can be brushed off without leaving a trace, although sometimes indelible stains and discoloration are produced. Leather, dressed or undressed, however, will suffer loss of surface and life as a result of heavy and prolonged mold which may or may not be readily apparent. Leather having suffered in this way will suffer loss in appearance and quality and is easily torn. The mold may develop as the result of inherent moisture in the leather.
Index: 428
Commodity Name: LEATHERWARE (General)

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