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Description: STEEL PROFILES - Steel profiles are steel products which have been rolled, drawn or pressed into a shape which is of the same cross-section over its entire length. Steel profiles are classed as follows: - Concrete reinforcement steel is the name for smooth, profiled and ribbed round steel bars (structural steel bars/concrete reinforcement bars) which have elevated tensile strength and are used for strengthening reinforced concrete structures or components or for producing steel mesh for reinforced concrete structures (welded wire mesh). - Prestressed concrete reinforcement steel (smooth, ribbed, profiled round steel bars) is used for prestressed concrete structures and is far stronger than concrete reinforcement steel. - Large profiles (steel shapes): - I profiles (double T beams) - H profiles (wide flange beams) - U profiles, T profiles - Angle steel (equal or unequal) - Special profiles (nonstandard shapes) - Round and rectangular bars or profiles (e.g. rectangular steel rod profiles, flat steel).
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