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Description: A distinction is also drawn between the following types: - Black plate (black iron sheet): hot-rolled, nondescaled sheet for second grade applications placing no particular demands on surface quality. - Galvanized sheet: steel sheet with a zinc coating. The coating increases the utility value of the sheet. In order to improve the durability of the zinc coating, hot-dip galvanized sheets are reheated once more to approx. 600 degrees C. - Corrugated sheet: corrugated rectangular sheets produced by rolling. Their utility value is increased by subsequent galvanization. - Electric steel sheet: thin steel sheet alloyed with silicon with special magnetic properties. - Tinplate: steel sheet coated with tin. - Terne plate: steel sheet with a lead-tin coating. - Stainless steel sheet (high-grade sheet): steel sheet made from alloy and nonalloy steel of high purity which is consequently nonrusting or resistant to heat or chemicals.
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