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Description: HERRINGS IN BRINE - Have on occasion been found to have suffered damage similar to decomposition, being found limp and with skins open, disclosing the roe and very often all the rib bones. This condition may result not from the age of the fish but due to the time and place of the original catch. Herrings caught in the summer off the North East Coast of England are always soft and tender skinned and should not be brine-cured especially for shipment to a warmer climate. Herrings caught early in the summer on the grounds off the North Coast of Scotland or the Shetland Islands, and in the winter off the East Anglian Coast should, on the contrary, keep their condition, as they are harder and have thicker skins. Should summer herrings caught off the North-East Coast of England be brinecured they are liable to be delivered in the condition described above, in which event decomposition becomes rapid on opening the barrels.
Index: 312
Commodity Name: FISH, FISHMEAL, FISH MANURE, etc.

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