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Description: Subject to such oils being shipped in suitable and sufficiently strong containers, there is little reason to fear loss or damage, but there are certain essential oils, such as Cinnamon Leaf Oil and Clove Oil, which may suffer discoloration if shipped in an unsuitable container. Such oils should not, for instance, be shipped in tinplate containers, as this may well cause discoloration, but even so, proper treatment may restore the commodity. Such oils are not affected when shipped in aluminum or stainless steel containers, but, on the other hand, such containers may affect other types of oil in a similar manner. In the event of a claim on account of discoloration, therefore, the surveyor should consider this problem in determining the cause of any alleged deterioration by reason of discoloration. The surveyor should also take an expert's advice as to whether the discoloration has in effect resulted in deterioration. The raw products used in the manufacture of essential oils, seeds, roots, etc., are liable to deterioration by contact with moisture.
Index: 286
Commodity Name: ESSENTIAL OILS

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