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Description: Care is necessary in the use of the expression "flaking or chipping" as the cause of damage. In the enameling industry, "flaking" is recognized as being due to some peculiarity in the enamel or in the metal to which the enamel is applied, by which small portions of the enamel do not adhere to the metal, so that, on cooling, they flake off. Loss of value, if arising out of such a cause, would not ordinarily be recoverable under the terms of the insurance cover, but at the same time such damage, being usually discovered before such goods are packed, is not normally found at destination, although this is always, of course, possible. Care should therefore be exercised in the examination of the article to determine whether cause of damage be due to "flaking" (faulty manufacture) or "chipping" due to shock, rough handling, or other cause.
Index: 281
Commodity Name: ENAMELWARE

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