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Description: An extract obtained from the pods of the divi-divi tree used in the tanning and dyeing industries. Subject to a natural loss in weight. The tanning material, i.e. the tannin, is located in the tissue lying just below the epidermis of the pods, the seeds being free of it. The tannin content is said to be higher when the pods are just mature. The pods after collection should be split open longitudinally, the seed removed and the husk dried rapidly in the sun. Slow drying frequently allows fermentation to commence, with the production of red coloring matter which diminishes the value of the material. The best pods are thick and fleshy and of a pale color. Those which are dark, with black spots and blotches, have probably been gathered in a damp state or have been subsequently exposed to moisture, which greatly reduces the value. Divi-Divi is used in the manufacture of leather, but not alone, as the leather thus produced is strongly affected by atmospheric conditions, being soft and spongy in damp weather and lacking pliability in periods of drought. In view of this, Divi-Divi is usually blended with other tanning materials.
Index: 261
Commodity Name: DIVI-DIVI

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