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Description: Sugar boiling must always be kept in airtight containers and temperature fluctuations avoided; otherwise they become a sticky mess. Soft fondants are inclined to sweat. When this sweat is in the form of droplets on the fondants it dissolves the sugar and given them a "worm-eaten" appearance. Two points should be noted in carrying out surveys where sugar or sugar products are concerned. A dilute sugar solution may become mildewed and sugar boiling may crystallize on storage, especially if exposed to damp conditions. Where a survey is carried out, care should be taken to establish whether the degree of damage is greater in the center of the case, or at the sides, as this will give an indication of the cause, whether inherent vice or a transit condition. Confectionery is generally exported to the Tropics wrapped or unwrapped, and packed in glass or metal containers and then packed into cardboard cartons. It has been noted that this form of packing is not always suitable, and claims may be expected for broken glass containers and heavy denting of metal containers, Glass containers when broken, and metal containers when so heavily dented that they are no longer airtight, expose their contents to the tropical atmosphere, and the confectionery, whether wrapped or unwrapped, soon becomes soft and sticky. When confectionery is in this condition, the salvage value is likely to be small. See also CHOCOLATE. ORANGE and LEMON SLICES, Etc - Subject to internal sweating due to drying out of the initial moisture in the product. This may result in the contents of the cases being found more or less sticky and moist, the sugar coating being partly dissolved instead of being in a dry and crystallized condition. In such cases the interleaving paper separating the slices in the boxes shows marks where it has been in contact with the confectionery. In some cases this condition may be found more pronounced in the bottom boxes of each carton, due to the additional pressure on these boxes.
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