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Description: IN BULK - Coconut oil should only be put into tanks which have been carefully cleaned prior to loading, otherwise it will become contaminated. Shipped in bulk it solidifies at 70 degrees F approximately - a result of the specific gravity of the oil itself. Unless particular care is taken by the carrier to re-heat the oil prior to discharge gradually from 85 degrees F (which is the loading temperature) to 120 degrees F (which is the discharging temperature) damage may occur to the oil from two causes: (1) If insufficiently heated the oil will tend to solidify during discharge, causing discharge difficulties and possible loss in the value of the oil. (2) If the oil is heated too rapidly and to a higher degree than that indicated it may scorch, causing discoloration and loss in the saleable value of the oil. When the oil suffers discoloration it may not command the high price paid for the product when used for manufacturing margarine, as it is difficult to bleach discolored oil; consequently it has to be used for soap or some other manufactured commodity. See also BULK OILS and FATS
Index: 213
Commodity Name: COCONUT OIL

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