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Description: Textiles or textile goods are semifinished and finished products made from fabrics and cloth , fabrics and cloth being textile products made from yarn generally arranged in two directions: warp yarns, which run lengthwise, and weft yarns, which run crosswise. Fabrics or textiles are named for the yarns used to make them, e.g. cotton, woolen, silk, linen, hemp, jute fabrics. They display more or less the same characteristics as the constituent fibers of the yarns which are used to make the textiles. For the aspects of transport risk assessment of interest here, this term is understood to cover goods of fibrous material in the various stages of processing. A distinction must be drawn between: - textiles/fabrics - general - industrial textiles/fabrics Industrial textiles and fabrics include not only fabrics used in industry but also special protective clothing and uniform. Textiles and fabrics may consist of natural fibers of either animal or vegetable origin, such as cellulose/viscose, or of manmade fibers, such as polyamides, or of mixtures of these materials. As far as processing stages are concerned, a rough distinction may be drawn between: - semi-manufactured articles - finished articles (finished products) Textiles and fabrics should be treated as valuable cargo. See also IMDG Code & US CFR.
Index: 200
Commodity Name: CLOTH (Fabric)

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