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Description: An extract from the plant Acacia Catechu used medicinally and for tanning purposes. Will liquefy in high temperatures and harden in cooler temperatures. Liable to absorb moisture, also to lose weight and suffer loss through drainage. Usually packed in cube form in wooden cases, and there may be considerable loss in weight of the wooden packing cases after a few weeks, due to damp timber having been used. CATECHU - If the liquor of extraction is allowed to cool before concentration, crystallization will occur and the crystallized solid can be separated from the liquor by filtration. This solid is known as "Catechin" or "Katha" and the filtrate which is then usually concentrated to a solid is known as "cutch." CUTCH - A tannin having a blackish brown crystalline appearance. Is brittle and susceptible to heat and moisture, heat causing the cutch to soften. It dissolves in water and moisture will cause the boxes or bags to become stained. Should not be stacked more than ten bags high nor subjected to over stowage by heavy goods. Bags of cutch unevenly stacked are liable to break. Melts easily. in which condition it becomes blocked. This may be regarded as a normal incident to transit. KATHA - Usually marketed in tablet form. The outside of a cake varies in color from light gray to a very dark brown and the appearance of the fracture is that of colored chalk or clay. Damage to the packing case should not cause damage to the products inside except through loss, and provided the gunny remains intact there should be little loss. These products should not be exposed to wet as they are hygroscopic substances and, in the case of Katha particularly, if allowed to become damp, will get moldy.
Index: 170
Commodity Name: CATECHU (Terra Japonica - Cutch - Katha -- Gambier)

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