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Description: Cardboard is a flat packaging material consisting of paper stock and generally being of high-quality stock composition (e.g. white mechanical pulp board). Its basis weight is 250 - 500 g/m2. If cardboard has a basis weight of between 150 and 250 g/m2, it is described as light, while cardboard with a basis weight of 500 - 600 g/m2 is described as heavy. Cardboard may either be single ply or consist of several paper webs couched together mechanically or stuck (laminated) together. Boxboard (carton board) is used to make the blanks from which cartons and the like are made. A distinction is drawn between the following types of cardboard: Chromo imitation board: chromo imitation board is a cardboard couched from several plies and provided with a smooth coating on one side while in the board machine. Chromo imitation board generally consists of outer plies on the recto and verso, intermediate plies and fillers of wood pulp or waste paper. It is designed for producing cartons and is suitable for printing. Its basis weight is 225 - 500g/m2. Chromo carton board: chromo board is a chromo imitation board which is coated on one or both sides outside the board machine. Its color is pure white. Folding carton board: folding carton board is a multi-ply cardboard sometimes with coated recto. The fold edges are pre-marked with grooves. Cup board: cup board is a cardboard which may or may not contain wood. It is used to produce cups for the food and drinks industry. Its basis weight is 200 - 250 g/m2. Drawing cardboard: drawing cardboard is smooth, thin, white paperboard or smooth white paper for drawing purposes.
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Commodity Name: CARDBOARD

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