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Description: GROUND BONE FERTILIZER AND MEAL - Ground Indian Bone, Steamed Bone Flour or Meal (Bone Meal) - Frequently used for cattle feeds and therefore should be sterile. As bone meal tends to rot the bags in which it is shipped, especially if wetted, shortage may result and the meal may become infected with bacteria, in which state it would be unfit for use as cattle feed. The meal may be re-sterilized by heat. In the usual course of events, bone meal is not subject to loss in weight. Shortage is, however, sometimes caused by defective bags permitting the powder to pass through the texture of the bags. If the bone meal is produced by crushing bones which have been insufficiently seasoned, or bones which are greasy, there is a danger of moisture developing and the cargo will start smelling. If bone meal from unseasoned and greasy bones is exported it is not only in process of deterioration but it may cause damage to delicate cargo stored nearby. Must be stored and stowed in a dry place. Bone meal is not affected by heat as regards its qualities. It may lose some weight depending on the degree of heat, but its intrinsic value remains unaffected. Contact with water, whether fresh or salt, may cause the bone meal to ferment and to burst the bags. In case of such contact, the sound goods must be separated from the wet, well dried and repacked in sound bags. If the contact with water has been undetected for a long time, bone meal becomes blackish. Meal damaged by contact with water does not lose much in value. It is sometimes advisable to try to sell such goods to firms dealing in fertilizer mixtures rather than through the usual dealers.
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