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Description: A white powder with a strong chlorine odor. Poisonous, and in confined stowage, holed or non-airtight tins give off a chlorine gas which will destroy any textile fabric, gunny bags, motor-car hood fabric, etc. The gas will also tarnish metals. Containers liable to burst if subjected to high temperatures. If unsuitably packed or exposed to air through breakage of containers the commodity will also deteriorate rapidly due to the action of carbon dioxide and moisture and develop into sub stances having little or no bleaching power. The powder will also lose its strength in this respect is stored for long periods. Corrosion of the containers is also rapid unless the drums are perfectly airtight. Shortage may be due to two causes: (1) Splitting of the seams and loosening of lids due to knocks, blows, or a fall in transit, and subsequent leakage. (2) Corrosive nature of contents on steel and iron, resulting in baling of drums or loosening of lids, and subsequent leakage. This corrosive action has been known to occur to drums during a voyage of no more than three weeks duration. See also CHLORIDE OF LIME and CALCIUM HYPOCHLORITE. See also IMDG Code & US CFR.
Index: 105
Commodity Name: BLEACHING POWDER (Calcium Hypochlorite: Chloride of Lime)

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