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Description: Beer is very much affected by variations and extremes of temperature and leakage or undue heat may affect the whole of the contents of a barrel. Beer is a fermented, frothy (effervescent) alcoholic beverage made from malt, hops, yeast and water. The brewing process is divided into the following three stages: - malting - wort boiling - fermentation Germany produces a very wide range of beers, which are classified according to styles and types. Original wort content is the basis for classification into the four different German beer styles: - Einfachbiere have a low original wort content (approx. 2 - 5.5%). Their low alcohol content (approx. 2. vol.%) and low extract content mean that they have only a poorly developed flavor. - Schankbiere have a higher original wort content (approx. 7 - 8%) and a somewhat higher alcohol content (approx. 3 vol.%). - Vollbiere have the second highest content of original wort (approx. 11 - 14%), alcohol (4 -5 vol.%) and extracts. These account for a good 90% of the total beer market. - Starkbiere have the highest alcohol content (approx. 6 - 9 vol.%) and are brewed only at certain times (e.g. Maibock). Their original wort content is at least 16%. The beer types are classified as bottom-fermented and top-fermented, depending on the strain of yeast used:
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