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Description: NICKEL ALKALINE BATTERIES - The main damage to which accumulators of the alkaline type are liable is corrosion, and this may fall into three broad classes: (See also IMDG Code & US CFR). (a)Superficial corrosion of the cell lids, connectors and vents due to exposure to salt-laden atmosphere. This can generally be cleaned away on site and if the cell tops are liberally greased and the battery is remounted in a dry atmosphere the battery performance should not suffer. (b)Inter-cell corrosion towards the bottom of the cells due to accumulation of wet matter between the cells, so causing an electrical leakage path leading to electrolytic corrosion. If the cell containers have not been perforated by corrosion they should be thoroughly cleaned, repainted with alkali-proof paint and re-installed. Any cells with perforated containers should be returned to the makers for new containers to be fitted. (c)Corrosion of the cell containers due to actual immersion in salt water. If the immersion is partial, due to installation in an unsuitable position, the cells should be treated as in (b) and remounted in a more suitable place. If the immersion of the battery has been complete owing the accident it must be returned to the makers for examination and report.
Index: 78
Commodity Name: BATTERIES (Lead Acid)

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