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Description: (Medicinal, etc.) - May be subject to a natural loss in weight due to loss of moisture content, or to chafing and consequent seepage from containers. The extent of any such loss will be dependent upon the condition of the bark at the time of shipment and the conditions and nature of the voyage and handling, storage and stowage. Loss may be enhanced by poor packing. If not properly dried before shipment, some barks may develop mold growth. Barks are also subject to infestation and are affected by humidity. If barks should become badly wetted during transit they may rot, but even if rot does not set in, part of the alkaloid content, due to excessive humidity, will be lost. Barks usually carry a guarantee as to their alkaloid content, but samples have been known to give two or three entirely different results. The effect of barks getting wet during transit varies according to the use to which they are going to be put.
Index: 68
Commodity Name: BARKS

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