AIMU Lunch and Learn: High-Performance Polymers in Marine Engineering: Mooring Cable and More!

Friday 11 February 2022, 12:00pm - 01:00pm


Marine engineering systems often pose complex challenges that require careful materials selection. For optimal performance, the materials that comprise these systems must often be strong, lightweight, durable over time, resistant to environmental changes, cost-effective - and, above all, safe. While engineers have researched and developed many effective solutions to these challenges using metals such as steel alloys, recent advancements with “high-performance” polymers also present unique opportunities. In this talk, we will discuss how high-performance polymers are currently being applied to address marine engineering challenges. As one example, we will discuss polymer and steel mooring cables - both in terms of tradeoffs in their properties, and the guidance put forth by classification societies concerning their implementation. In addition, we will discuss novel applications that may see additional polymer-based engineering solutions in the future.

Mike Roenbeck
Dr. Michael Roenbeck
Assistant Professor in the Marine Engineering Department
US Merchant Marine Academy

Fee: $20

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