Update on American Institute 2009 Hull Forms

  • Presented:June 30, 2010
  • Duration: (59 minutes)


This presentation highlights the changes in the A.I. Hull Clauses (9/29/09) and the revised Hull War Risks and Strikes Clauses. The new Leading Underwriter Endorsement is also be presented; discussion also includes the Summary of Changes. This webinar is the result of a collaborative effort by members of the AIMU Hull subcommittee and the MLA Working Group. Presenters include Mr. Michael Csorba, Chair of the AIMU Hull Committee, VP IMU/OneBeacon; and Mr. John Woods, Partner, Clyde & Co. US LLP. A live Question and Answer session l follows the presentation. Please see the multiple handouts including the presentation and other pertinent reference material.


Presenters: Michael Csorba, AIMU Hull Committee &
John Woods, MLA Working Group



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