• Presentation Date: Recorded September 2008
  • Presenter: Joseph O’Doherty
  • Duraction: 1 hour 15 minutes

DETAILS: This webinar will cover the American Institute Tug Form and offer a comparison with the Hull Clause; a review of expressed and implied warranties in the policy; and discussion on various types of tugs and exposures with each type of operation. Mr. O’Doherty will also discuss a new liability coverage that will affect the underwriting of the risk and additional endorsements that can be added at the discretion of the underwriter (1.) In Personam Liability Clause, and (2.) Tankermans’ Legal Liability. Attendees will receive a handout copy of the presentation and other reference material prior to the webinar

PRESENTER: Joseph O’Doherty has over 40 years experience in the marine insurance business including as a broker, underwriter, and reinsurer. He has served on various AIMU committees and currently works as an industry educator, expert witness, and consultant.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Claims Adjusters, Underwriters, Agents and Brokers, and other insurance professionals interested in expanding their knowledge of particular average claims.


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