• Presentation Date: Recorded May 12, 2009
  • Presenter: Joseph O’Doherty
  • Duration: 62 minutes

DETAILS: This 62-minute webinar is directed to the beginner level insurance professional. This webinar covers the American Institute Hull clauses (Blue Water and Non-Blue Water), noting specific details of the key policy clauses and elaboration of perils clauses. Mr. O’Doherty will include risk factors, rating, losses, and Collision Law. The presentation concludes with a live question and answer session. Purchasers also receive a pdf handout copy of the slides as well as supporting documents.

PRESENTER: Joseph O’Doherty has over 40 years experience in the marine insurance business including as a broker, underwriter, and reinsurer. He has served on various AIMU committees and currently works as an industry educator, expert witness, and consultant.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Claims Adjusters, Underwriters, Agents and Brokers, and other insurance professionals interested in expanding their knowledge of particular average claims.

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