Global Business and Transportation: Insights and Forecasts - Webinar

  • Presented:  February 27, 2020
  • Duration:  1 hour 28 minutes


Join us for this informative session in which Dr. Clott will discuss new technologies in the maritime sector including digitization, artificial intelligence, blockchain, automation and cyber security. He will look at regulatory, compliance and standardization issues as well as global events that are important to AIMU members. He will look at IMO 2020 commitments and more aggressive effort to promote decarbonization through new energy sources including renewables, batteries, fuel cells and the advent of LNG as a fuel for standard use. Discussion will include global trade and ship patterns; trade with China and how it will be affected; new supply chain routes and how additive manufacturing may impact the industry; an overview of investments, assets, and the state of trade. Dr. Clott will conclude with Q&A.


Christopher Clott, Ph.D, Director, New York Maritime Innovation Center, ABS Chair of Maritime Transportation & Logistics, SUNY Maritime College


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