Build a foundation in both inland and ocean marine.  The broad based AMIM designation program is structured to allow you to improve your knowledge of marine insurance while acquiring the wider foundation needed for career advancement.  Like all IIA programs, the courses that make up AMIM provide you with practical knowledge so you can do your current job better, now.  The two elective courses in the AMIM program allow you to customize your educational experience to be of even greater benefit to you in your daily work. 

The AMIM program was developed with the technical and financial assistance of the American Institute of Marine Underwriters and the Inland Marine Underwriters Association.


The following four courses (plus two electives) are required to earn this designation: 

AMIM 121 - Ocean Marine Insurance: Shipping Fundamentals; Cargo Insurance Policies; Cargo Underwriting; Protection & Indemnity; Hull Insurance; Hull Underwriting; P&I Underwriting; Underwriting Tugs, Barges, & Other Vessels; Coverages for Shipyards. 

AMIM 122 - Inland Marine Insurance: Transit, Motor Truck Cargo, Contractors Equipment, Builders Risk, Dealers Policies, Bailee/Bailor, Computers & Communication Equipment, DIC, Output, Fine Arts Insurance. 

CPCU 510  - Foundation of Risk Management Insurance and Professionalism

CPCU 530 - The Legal Environment of Risk Management and Insurance

For your electives, choose any two of the following Institute courses:

CPCU 520, 540, 551, 552, or 560

AU 65, or 66

ARM 54, 55, or 56

AIC 33, 34, 35, or 36

AAI 81, 82, or 83


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AIMU is offering a series of 14 webinars presenting the AMIM 121 Course developed by The Institutes (AICPCU)  For more info and to register »