National Exam Prep Unit 14 - AMIM 121 Program

This webinar is one of the webinars in the AMIM 121 Program On Demand, a comprehensive series of 14 webinars presenting
the AMIM 121 Course developed by The Institutes (AICPCU).  Read more »

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National Exam Prep  - Overview

The location for this course is: AIMU, 14 Wall Street, 8th Floor, NYC. For start and end times, as well as other details, see course descriptions.

AMIM 121 Webinar Series:
A comprehensive series of 14 webinars presenting the AMIM 121 Course
developed by The Institutes (AICPCU)

Providing the fundamental knowledge needed for professional competency
in handling ocean marine insurance

The webinar series is a study aid to present the course work and pass the AMIM 121 exam. Individual webinars will also be available on a stand-alone basis for those looking for specific subject matter. All webinars in the series will be presented by Keith Carey, AMIM, CPCU. Keith Cary is the Managing Director of Simplicitask LLC.  Keith has over ten years of experience in the marine insurance industry.  During this time he has been involved with underwriting, reinsurance, financial operations, and training & development.  Keith currently holds the following designations:

  • Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter (CPCU)
  • Associate in Marine Insurance Management (AMIM)
  • Associate in Risk Management (ARM)
  • Associate in Reinsurance (ARe)

Mr. Cary will be available via phone and email during the scheduled weeks of the course for discussions with the course participants.

The following topics will be presented:

  1. Introduction to Ocean Marine Insurance - January 30

  2. Maritime Regulation; Maritime Security; Tramp Shipping -  February 6

  3. Chartering; Liner Shipping - February 13

  4. Industrial and Special Carriers; Tankers; Vessel Management Companies - February 20

  5. Terminals; Stevedore Contracts; Containerization -  February 27

  6. Intermodal Transportation; The Ocean Bill of Lading -  March 6

  7. Cargo Insurance Policies -  March 13

  8. Cargo Underwriting and Loss Control - March 20

  9. The American Institute Hull Clauses -  March 27

  10. Other Hull Forms, Freight, and Loss of Charter Hire April 13

  11. Marine Liability Coverages for Vessel Owners and Charterers - April 10

  12. Hull and P&I Underwriting -  April 17

  13. Other Ocean Marine Coverages -  April 24

  14. National Exam Prep - May 1