Other Ocean Marine Coverages
Unit 13 - AMIM 121 Program

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Course Overview


A. American Institute Builder's Risks Clauses

1. Interests Covered

2. Property Covered

3. Perils Covered

4. War, Strikes, and Other Exclusions

5. Amounts Recoverable

6. Termination Provisions

7. Collision Liability

8. Protection and Indemnity

B. Underwriting Builders'Risks

1. Fire Exposure

2. Catastrophic Perils

3. Launching and Trial Trips

4. Delivery Trips

5. Protection and Indemnity


Ship Repairers

A. American Institute Ship Repairers Liability Clauses

1. Insuring Agreement

2. Limits of Insurance

3. Exclusions

4. Assured's Duties

5. Reporting Provision

B. Underwriting

1. Wharfingers,Terminal Operators, and Stevedores

2. Description of Operations

3. Liability Exposures

C. Insurance Provisions

1. Insuring Agreement and Exclusions

2. Other Provisions

D. Underwriting

1. Wharfingers

2. Stevedores

3. Terminal Operators

4. Rating Base

Marina Operators

A. Marina Operations

B. Marina Operators' Legal Liability Coverage

C. Underwriting


Boat Dealers

A. Property Exposed to Loss

B. Liability Exposures

C. Payment of Premium

D. Valuation Provisions

E. Underwriting


Pleasure Craft

A. Insurance Provisions

1. Property Coverage

2. Liability Coverage

3. Medical Payments Coverage

4. Uninsured Boat Coverage

5. LHWCA Coverage

6. Express Warranties

B. Underwriting

1. Boat Operators

2. Specifications of Boat

3. Physical Condition

4. Substantiating Value

5. Theft and Storage

6. Rating


Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities

A. Types of Property Insured

1. Mobile Drilling Units

2. Production Platforms

3. Floating Production, Storage, and Offloading Vessels

4. Structures for Transportation of the Product

B. Insurance of Offshore Risks

1. Construction and Transportation Coverage

2. Maintenance Coverage

3. Operational Coverage

4. Wreck Removal Coverage

5. Cost of Control/Control of Well Coverage

6. Business Income Coverage

7. Liability Coverages

8. War and Political Risks Coverage