Marine Liability Coverages for Vessel Owners and Charterers
Unit 11 - AMIM 121 Program

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Course Overview

Background of Protection and Indemnity

A. Historical Development of P&I

B. P&I Insurers

  1. P&I Clubs
  2. Conventional Insurers

C. Applicability of P&I to Charterers

Liability for Injury and Death

A. Liability to Crew

  1. Maintenance and Cure
  2. Breach of the Vessel Owner's Warranty of Seaworthiness
  3. Liability Under theJones Act
  4. Death Remedies Other Than the Jones Act

B. Liability to Shore Workers Aboard Vessel

  1. 905(b) Negligence Actions
  2. Vessel Owner's Standard of Care

C. Liability to Passengers and Visitors Aboard Vessel

  1. Liability to Passengers
  2. Liability to Visitors Aboard Vessel

D. Miscellaneous Liabilities for Death or Injury

  1. Contractual Liability To Indemnify
  2. Vicarious Tort Liability for Ship's Officers
  3. Liability in Rescue Situations
  4. Liability for Injuries Arising out of Collision

P&I Policy Provisions

A. Form SP-23 Insuring Agreement

  1. Loss of Life, Injury, and Illness
  2. Hospital, Medical, or Other Expenses
  3. Repatriation Expenses
  4. Collision Damage to Other Vessels
  5. Damage to Other Vessels Caused Otherwise Than by Collision
  6. Damage to Property Other Than Vessels
  7. Wreck Removal
  8. Damage to Cargo
  9. Fines and Penalties
  10. Mutiny or Misconduct
  11. Quarantine Expenses
  12. Putting-In Expenses
  13. Cargo's Proportion of General Average
  14. Defense Costs

B. Additional Exclusions and Limitations of Form SP-23

  1. War
  2. Towage
  3. Liability Assumed Under Contract
  4. Miscellaneous Risks
  5. Charterers' Limitation

C. Claim Provisions of Form 5P-23

D. Other Provisions of Form SP-23

  1. Assignment
  2. Subrogation
  3. Other Insurance
  4. Cancellation
  5. Returns of Premium

E. Other P&I Forms

  1. Form SP-38
  2. AIMU Form

Pollution Liability

A. Applicable Laws

  1. International Conventions
  2. United States Marine Pollution Laws

B. Pollution Liability Insurance

  1. Pollution Liability Exclusion
  2. Water Quality Insurance Syndicate

Excess Liability Coverage

Charterers' Liability Insurance

A. Liability Exposures of Voyage and Time Charterers

  1. Safe Port/Safe Berth Clause
  2. Damage During Loading and Unloading
  3. Damage Caused by the Cargo
  4. Damage Caused by the Fuel
  5. Charterer's Contributions to General Average

B. Charterers' Habil ity Policy Forms