Other Hull Forms, Freight, and Loss of Charter Hire
Unit 10 - AMIM 121 Program

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Course Overview

Taylor Hull Form

A. Taylor Collision and Tower's Liability Coverage

B. Other Differences From AIHC


American Institute Tug Form

A. AIT Collision and Tower's Liability Clause

B. Other AIT Provisions

1. Trading Warranty Clause

2. Seaworthiness Clause

3. Vessel Clause

4. Adventure Clause

5. Pilotage and Towage Clause

6. Watchman Clause


Great Lakes Hull Clauses

A. Trading Warranty Clause

B. Season of Navigation Clause

C. Duration of Risk Clause

D. Adventure Clause

E. Winter Moorings Clause

F. Premium Clause

G. Returns of Premium Clause

H. Deductible Clause

I. Claims (General Provisions) Clause

J. Pilotage and Towage Clause


Increased Value and Excess Liabilities Clauses

A. Coverage Clause

1. Actual or Constructive Total Loss

2. General Average and Salvage

3. Sue and Labor Charges

4. Collision Liability

B. Other Differences Between IVEL and AIHC Forms

1. Vessel Clause

2. Notice of Claim

3. Deductible Clause and Additional Insurances Clause


Hull War Risks and Strikes Clauses

A. Perils Covered

B. Exclusions

C. Held Covered and Other Provisions

D. Automatic Termination and Cancellation Clauses

E. Returns of Premium

F. U.S. Government Role in Hull War Risk Insurance


SR&CC Endorsement


Insuring Loss of Income

A. How Vessels Earn Revenue

1. Freight

2. Passage Money

3. Other Revenues

4. Extra Expenses

B. Freight Insurance

C. Loss of Charter Hire Insurance




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