Cargo Underwriting and Loss Control
Unit 8 - AMIM 121 Program

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Course Overview

The Risk Selection Process

A. Gathering information

B. Evaluating Hazards

C. Making the Decision

D. Implementing the Decision

E. Monitoring the Account

Cargo Underwriting Factors

A. The Assured

B.  The Cargo

C.  Packing Methods

1. Breakbulk Shipments

2. Containerized Shipments

3. Other Shipping Methods

D. Trade Routes
E. Carriers and Conveyances

1. Subrogation Potential

2. Approved Vessels

F. Loss History and Other Statistics
G. Coverages Applicable
H. Effect of Competition
I. Cargo War Risk Policy

Cargo Loss Control

A. Controlling Theft and Nondelivery Losses

1. Packing Materials

2. Marks and Numbers

3. Cargo Security Seals

B. Controlling Handling and Stowage Losses

1. Controlling Water Damage Losses

C. Taking Exceptions

D. Role of the Cargo Surveyor