Cargo Insurance Policies
Unit 7 - AMIM 121 Program

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Course Overview 

Cargo Basis

A. Parties to International Trade

B. Selling Terms

1. Ex Point of Origin

2. Free on Board Vessel (Named Port of Shipment)

3. Free Alongside Vessel (Named Port of Shipment)

4. Cost and Freight (Named Point of Destination)

5. Cost, Insurance, Freight (Named Point of Destination)

6. Ex Dock (Named Port of Importation)

7. Insurers Perspective on Selling Terms

C. Methods of Payment

1. Cash in Advance

2. Open Account

3. Draft

4. Letter of Credit

5. When the Buyer Defaults 


The Open Cargo Policy

A. Parties Covered

1. Assured Clause

2. Loss Payable Clause

B. Property Covered

1. Goods Insured Clause

2. Insurable Interest Clause

C. Additional Coverages

1. General Average and Salvage Charges Clause (Al)

2. Sue and Labor Clause

3. Both to Blame Clause (Al)

D. When and Where Coverage Applies

1. Attachment Clause

2. Cancellation or Termination Clause

3. Geographical Limits Clause

4. Conveyances Clause

5. Deviation, Warehouse to Warehouse, and Marine Extension Clauses

6. South American Clause (AI)

7. Return Shipment Clause

8. Warehouse Extension

9. Inland Transit Extension

E. Causes of Loss Covered

1. Perils Clause

2. Inchmaree Clause (Al)

3. Deliberate Damage-Pollution Hazard Clause (Al)

4. Fumigation Clause

5. Explosion Clause (Al)

6. Shore Clause (Al)

7. Average Terms

8. Craft Clause (Al)

9. Warehousing and Forwarding Clause (Al)

10. Air or Mail Shipments

11. Paramount Warranties (Al)

 F. Amounts Recoverable

1. Limit of Insurance

2. Accumulation Clause

3. Valuation Clause

4. Machinery Clause (Al)

5. Labels Clause (Al)

6. Brands and Trademarks Clause

7. Import Duty Clause

8. Freight Payable on Delivery

9. Other Insurance Clause

10. Constructive Total Loss Clause (Al)

11. Partial Loss Clause

12. Deductible

G. Miscellaneous Clauses

1. Reports of Shipments Clause

2. Full Value Reporting Clause

3. Payment of Premiums Clause

4. Inspection of Records Clause

5. Errors and Omissions Clause

6. Subrogation and Recovery Clause

7. Bill of Lading Clause (Al)

8. Carrier Clause (Al)

9. Time for Suit Clause

10. Certificates and Special Policies


The Cargo War Risk Policy

A. Perils Covered

B. Duration of Coverage

C. Cancellation

D. Other Provisions


Cargo Business Income Coverage

A. Business Income Loss Exposure

B. Terms of Coverage


Cargo Insurance in Package Policies Summary


Terrorism Endorsements