PORT ACCUMULATION MODELING: Capturing Your Cargo Footprint - Webinar

  • Presented: June 26, 2013
  • Duration: 44 minutes

DETAILS: The presentation includes an overview of the state of port accumulation models and discuss the next generation of CAT modeling including a new method for better capturing your firm’s exposure to natural perils at U.S. ports and airports. Mr. Ingle addresses the following: How to track commodity flows by port; Incorporating port exposures into CAT modeling; Seasonality; What are typical reinsurer expectations?; Can you use this information to determine premium cat loads on individual accounts?; Lessons from Sandy. The webinar concludes with a Q&A session. PRESENTER: Brian Ingle, EVP, Willis, earned a BA at Cornell University and completed FCAS, MAAA designations. Brian has over 20 years’ experience in the industry and his specialties include marine reinsurance.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Underwriters, agents, brokers, and other insurance professionals with an interest in better understanding their firm's port exposures and how to incorporate this knowledge into catastrophe modeling

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