What year is it? An Explanation of the Differences between Calendar Year, Accident Year, Exposure Year and Underwriting Year - Webinar

  • Presentation Date: July 27, 2010
  • Presenter: Steve Finkelstein
  • Duration: 52 minutes

DETAILS:  Sr. Management tells you that your accident year 2009 results deteriorated somewhat, but your calendar year 2009 results were good.  As an underwriter, how do you reconcile this “mixed message?" Are you doing well, or poorly?  How can the industry’s results look good when it has been an increasingly difficult market with stiff competition to retain accounts?  And why is Finance telling you that your book is running a different loss ratio than your claim runs suggest – especially on a coverage where there’s no "IBNR" to worry about?

So how well did you really do this year?  That all depends… what year is it?  Join us to learn the difference between Calendar Year, Accident Year, Exposure Year and Underwriting Year.  Steve will explain what the differences are and why they matter.  Be prepared the next time someone asks a question regarding your accounts’ profitability. Attend this webinar - be better prepared to explain what year it is!!

PRESENTER: Steve Finkelstein is Second Vice President and Lead Actuary at The Travelers Company.  He an insurance actuary with over 20 years experience and a member of the AIMU Facts and Figures Committee

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Underwriters, Claims Adjusters, Agents, Brokers, and other insurance professionals.


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